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petting horses outside

The Health Partners Project Teams Up With Hooves of Hope Equestrian Center Inc.

On a beautiful summer day with blue skies, cotton ball clouds, and warm sunshine, the Danville Health Partners group headed ...
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deck of cards laid out in a circle

Playing Cards & Stronger Hearts

Print out the heart, spade, diamond and club symbols and assign each symbol an aerobic activity. For example, heart= jumping ...
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deal or no deal graphic

Deal or No Deal

Create a list of exercises or skills you want to practice with your group.  Write them on index cards.  For ...
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screenshot of the Impact article about HealthMatters Kentucky

Impact Article

Published by the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD) & Research and Training Center on Community Living, the winter 2016 Impact ...
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Screenshot of Jeopardy Gameboard

Health & Wellness Jeopardy Game

This health & wellness jeopardy game has done all the hard work for you!  Included in the automatic powerpoint presentation ...
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picture of resistance band

Resistance band workout for two

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world, recommends that ...
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Learning about good nutrition

Healthy Helpings MyPlate Group Activity

Resources Needed: large MyPlate diagram, pictures of food (cut outs from magazines or grocery store ads), tape and/or glue Certain ...
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Women talking about produce at a grocery store

Grocery Store Tour

This field trip and activity can be accomplished by simply calling a local grocery store and asking to speak to their ...
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picture of a stop watch showing green for 20 seconds of activity and a stop watch showing red for 10 seconds of rest

Interval Training

Purpose: Interval training is a type of physical training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts broken ...
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graphic for an exercise routine around a gym

Obstacle Course

Setting up an obstacle course is a fantastic way to incorporate exercises in a fun and competitive format that engages ...
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Participants Playing FABS Dice Game

F-A-B-S Dice

A video demonstration and explanation of this game can be found here. Resources: Two dice One with the standard numbers ...
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bowl of brown soup

EGGcelent Oral Hygiene

Purpose: To show participants the impact that certain drinks can have on their teeth and the emphasize the importance of ...
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Our food choices graphic with traffic lights

Go, Slow, Whoa!

“U R What U Eat” handout  to go with the "Go, Slow, Whoa!" activity can be found at this link ...
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comparing the bowl of fruit to the bowl of condiments

Friendship Salad

Purpose: For individuals to identify the importance of social relationships and discuss “key ingredients” in being a good friend to ...
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picture of two apples

Bullying: Bruised and Beautiful Apples

Purpose: To demonstrate that the things we do and say matter to others, and when we are mean to others ...
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pepper separating in a bowl

The “Soapy” Truth

Purpose: To provide individuals with a visual example of the importance of using soap when washing hands. Materials needed: A ...
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Wellness Question Soccer Ball

Wellness Question Soccer Ball

Purpose: This game is a great filler for down time or anytime that you want to incorporate reinforcement of lessons ...
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aerial Image of a baseball field

Wellness Baseball Game

Purpose: This game incorporates the fun interactive play of baseball with the physical activity of traveling the bases while also ...
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glitter cupped in someone's hand

Glitter Germ Hands

Purpose: To provide individuals with a visual example of how germs are spread and the importance of washing with soap ...
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Man Making Homemade Weights

Homemade Hand Weights

Purpose: Strength training is an important component to any health and fitness routine.  You don't need fancy gym memberships or ...
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drawings of healthy harry and unhealthy Eugene

Healthy Harry vs. Unhealthy Eugene

Purpose: To assist individuals in identifying habits that lead to healthy vs unhealthy lifestyles Materials needed: Flip chart or large ...
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Participants Playing Balloon Lava Game

Balloon Lava Game

The floor is lava and we can't let the balloon touch it so we have to work together to keep ...
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Ribbon Dance group photo

Ribbon Dancing Activity

Ribbon dancers are a fantastic way to have fun while incorporating some aerobic movement that is good for your heart, ...
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Poster displaying empty soda and juice bottles, with a bag of sugar underneath corresponding to the amount in each beverage.

HealthMatters Participants Inspiring Their Peers

Program Director Bridget shows the campers a poster her team created, demonstrating the amount of sugar in common beverages.This past ...
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Screenshot of Newsletter Front Page

2014 Summer Health and Wellness Newsletter

This first installment of HDI's health & wellness newsletter may be the only one so far, but it still offers ...
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Healthy Tips Flyer Image

2014 Health and Wellness Flyer

This one pager flyer was the first product of the HDI health & wellness initiative.  The content introduces the health ...
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Physical Activity Pyramid

Physical Activity Pyramid

Back before the days of the MyPlate, nutrition guidelines were in the form of MyPyramid.  This helpful poster breaks down ...
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Helping hands chart to visualize approximate portion sizes. Two cupped hands is 1 ounce of chips or pretzels. One cupped hand is half of a cup of pasta, beans, or rice. One closed fist is one cup of cereal or fresh fruit. One thumb is one to two tablespoons of salad dressing or peanut butter. One open palm is three to four ounces of meat. One thumbnail is one teaspoon of butter or oil.

Serving Sizes By Hand

Portion control can be as simple as holding out the palm of your hand.  We can visually represent common serving ...
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A "snowman" made out of apples and pretzel sticks to repersent a healhty holiday

Healthy Holiday Tips

Check out this fun flyer including tips on how to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays! ...
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Happy Healthy Thinner Thanksgiving Graphic

Happy Healthy Thanksgiving

Check out this informational flyer on how to have a healthier thanksgiving! Happy Healthy Thanksgiving Flyer ...
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Goal setting graphic

Weekly Wellness Log

A weekly wellness log is an example of a simple way to track your progress towards activity and nutrition goals ...
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Sheet of healthy choices punch card

Healthy Choices Punch Card

Check out this fantastic motivation tool for making healthy choices! When an individual successfully completes a healthy choice or action, ...
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Screenshot of the Recreation Resource Guide Cover

Recreation Resource Guide

Recreation refreshes, revitalizes and improves a person’s quality of life.  It is also many different things to different people.  Check ...
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Pictures of different people with different abilities and disabilities doing exercises

Adaptive Resources

On this page you will find links to exercises that have been adapted for individuals utilizing wheelchairs, walkers, and other ...
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Group stretching reaching to touch their toes

Cool Down

It is important to properly cool down after engaging in exercise so that your muscles can stretch to prevent injury ...
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Health passport graphic

Health Passport

A Health Passport is an easy and fun way to track your goals and accomplishments. Cut out each page (two passport ...
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Grop exercising doing aerobics, moving arms and legs simultaneously

Warm Up!

See the video below of the warm up activity demonstrating the choreography or CLICK HERE to access the video through You ...
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Chaussy demonstrates an exercise lifting a weighted bar above her head.

Personal Training At It’s Best: Two Sisters Show Us How Exercise Can Be Fun!

By Elizabeth Anderson & Lindsey Catherine Mullis Sharon Ball began helping individuals with disabilities work on their fitness when she ...
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Farmers' market with vegetables

Aug. 2 – 8 is National Farmers’ Market Week

By: Elizabeth Anderson August 2nd through the 8th is National Farmers’ Market Week and farmers’ markets across the country will ...
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two girls with a stethoscope listening to their heartbeat and reading a book about heart rate

Wellness Initiative Employs Self-Advocate Healthy Educators

The task of the health and wellness initiative at HDI is to raise awareness of health disparities and provide health ...
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Types of starcy vegetables: pumpkin, sweet potatoes and yams, parsnips, acorn squash, corn, peas, butternut squash, and potatoes. Starchy vegetables are great sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. When eaten in moderation they are a good source of energy. However, they are also high in carbohydrates. After you eat carbohydrates, your body turns it into sugar. They have higher calories than non-starchy, water-rich vegetables. Eating a lot can increase weight and the risk of diabetes. When eating starcy vegetables, it is best to get a variety and eat them in moderation.

Starchy Vegetables

Starchy Vegetables ...
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Monica's Story

Monica’s Story

One day I finally asked my parents if I could go with them to the grocery store and pick out ...
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