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What combines Bingo, exercise, health education and a whole lot of fun?  Bingocize®!  Started at Western Kentucky University, BINGOcize® is an evidence-based health promotion program that integrates exercise and health education for individuals with disabilities in a fun game of Bingo.

Bingocize® is now an international program serving over 500 facilities in 47 states.  This socially engaging, group-based program consists of 45–60-minute sessions, bi-weekly, over six to ten weeks. 

Expanding Everyone’s Reach

The Human Development Institutes (HDI) Kentucky Inclusive Health Collaborative (KIHC), established a strong partnership with Dr. Jason Crandall, the creator of Bingocize®, and his team at Western Kentucky University.  In an effort to increase the access for people with disabilities, HDI-KIHC is connecting with programs throughout Kentucky to provide training and support for the programThrough Universal Design strategies, HDI-KIHC has helped the Bingocize® program be more inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Examples of adaptations include:

  • Providing large-print materials
  • Using microphones and speakers
  • Demonstrating alternative exercises
  • Increasing diverse representation in exercise videos 
  • Simplifying health education questions through plain language
  • Supplementing health messages with images 
  • Allowing multiple means of participation 

As a result of these changes, HDI-KIHC has broadened accessibility and healthy practices to a demographic which is twice as likely to experience health complications. 

Health Outcomes from Bingocize

  • Improved lower/upper body strength, gait, balance, and range of motion
  • Improved aspects of cognition (executive function)
  • Increased social engagement
  • Improved knowledge of COVID-19 prevention and other important health topics
  • Improved patient activation

How to Bring Bingocize into Your Program 

Online leader training consists of self-paced modules. Comprehension quizzes are completed along the way to ensure content retention. Through this collaboration, training is provided FREE to those who would like to facilitate Bingocize® at their location or online.  Along with training, we also provide free program materials, facilitator t-shirts, participant prizes, as well as technical assistance and programmatic support through January 2025. 


Email with any questions. 

This project is part of a partnership with Western Kentucky University and funded by the Kentucky Department of Public Health contracts #2200002873 and 2200004539. The project aims to implement the Bingocize® Online program to improve physical function in older adults and adults with disabilities.