Adaptive Videos

The H&W YouTube channel has lots of great video resources, including adaptive/accessible physical activity videos. The videos feature real self-advocate actors from across the state of Kentucky. The goal of the videos highlighted below is to show the different ways we can all be active to the best of our abilities and experience the health benefits of movement.


FitBlue is a physical activity and nutrition tracker app developed by the University of Kentucky and aims to get more Kentuckians moving. Included in the app are short 20 second how-to exercise videos that support individuals of all ability levels. Three levels of activity or adaptations for each exercise offer safe ways for people with disabilities or injuries to incorporate movement into their daily routine.


The CHEER how-to videos explain the mechanics of different exercises in a variety of ways. The series features individuals with different abilities successfully engaging in exercise or activity. The videos aim to build viewers’ confidence to become active on their own and in the way that works bests for them.

Adaptive Exercises

The adaptive exercise series was created with a panel of self-advocates with various disabilities. They worked together to come up with the list of exercises for demonstration. Under the supervision of exercise physiology professionals, the self-advocates created and starred in these adaptive exercise videos.