HealthMatters: The Exercise and Nutrition Health Education Curriculum

Starting in 2014, the Health & Wellness Initiative at the Human Development Institute partnered with the authors of HealthMatters curriculum from the University of Illinois at Chicago to provide a statewide roll out of online based training for staff around the state to become instructors within their community supports for the HealthMatters program. Within the HealthMatters pages and links, you will find valuable resources for your HealthMatters programming. Please use these resources to make your programming as fun and effective as possible! For more information about HealthMatters go to

What is HealthMatters?

HealthMatters: The Exercise and Nutrition Health Education Curriculum

  • Evidence-based curriculum for adults with I/DD
  • 36 interactive modules with 23 additional lifelong learning modules
    • Understand attitudes toward health, exercise, and nutrition
    • Identify current behaviors
    • Develop clear exercise behaviors and nutrition goals and stick to them
    • Gain skills and knowledge about exercising & eating nutritious foods
    • Support each other during classes

HealthMatters: Master Lesson Plan Resource

This document includes :educational videos, guest speaker and field trip ideas, group activities, adapted exercise resources, and helpful tips.

The additional notes are lessons learned gathered from Kentucky ran programs to help implement the HealthMatters curriculum in a fully inclusive setting provided by Kentucky program. Questions or feedback? Contact us!

HealthMatters on YouTube