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DDMC Comic – The Project CHEER Episode

Project CHEER in partnership with Disability Don’t Mean Can’t are excited to share their comic: Busting Down Barriers! Disability Don’t Mean Cant is a fitness and motivational resource developed by Kentucky native, Michael Carter in Bowling Green. “I created the comic book DDMC man, in which the hero has Ataxia, much like me,” said Michael. As a way to help motivate and inspire people, Disability Don’t Mean Can’t man shows that not all heroes have to have superpowers and through this comic series we learn about ways anyone can overcome any stumbling block.

Being in this comic book makes me feel like a real super hero because I love being able to share it with others who have disabilities to help them think about what they can accomplish in a really fun and engaging way.” Heidi McKenzie, comic book character

The comic book characters are all real life individuals with different disabilities working together with support from DDMC man and Project CHEER to be successful at being healthy. This comic is great for educators teaching about health in the classroom, parents who need a social story to explain health goals, and youth who want to read about health in a format that’s easy to understand and exciting. You can order your very own printed copy by clicking the “Order DDMC#2” button under the online video version.

Watch this short documentary on the journey of Disability Don’t Mean Can’t man’s journey and what DDMCman Comics hopes to accomplish for adults and children alike.

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Comic Highlight

In the comic when the group heads to Carter’s home gym, Heidi asks about how to do an exercise from her wheelchair. In this video the real life characters show you how to do the lunging side exercise called Russian Twists. Watch and try it out for yourself!

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Project CHEER Episode Reunion

The group gets together for a follow-up to chat about what they have been up to since the comic book and Michael updates us on the future of DDMC Man.

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