Balloon Lava Game

Resources Needed: All you need is a balloon or two or even a beach ball

Instructions: This is a very simple and inexpensive game that can really get the body moving and your heart rate up.     The premise of this game is that you can’t let the balloon touch the ground as if the ground is lava and it will melt the balloon.

Alternate Ways to Play: To add some different adaptations and spice things up you can change the rules every few minutes or so and say only elbows can touch the balloon, or maybe only your feet or head and not your hands.   You can make the game more interesting and fun by changing it up a bit. Just be certain that participants are aware of their spacing and surroundings so they don’t run into each other. This takes some facilitation from the leader.  This game works well with participants standing in a circle with their own identified space while the leader or leaders stand in the center of the circle and help bump the balloon towards the participants around the circle.