Adaptive Kitchen Equipment – Demonstration Video

This video includes demonstrations of how to use certain adaptive kitchen tools. It was created in partnership with Independence Place through the Wellness Edge project.

Please refer to the list below for timestamps for when each item appears:
Chopper Box: 0:08-0:40
Bullet Chopper: 0:46-1:45
Accessible Knife and Guard: 1:46-2:50
Accessible Knife Brace: 2:51-6:55 (runs concurrent with the cutting board)
Accessible Cutting Board: 4:00-6:55
Apple Slicer: 6:56-7:46
Carve Knife: 7:46-8:27
Can Opener: 8:28-9:11
Rocker Knife: 9:11-10:03
Rocker Knife Version 2: 10:03-10:41
Bowl/Colander: 10:41-11:31
Measuring Cup: 11:31-12:33
Spatula: 12:33-13:02
Reacher: 13:02-13:37
Mini Reacher: 13:37-13:54
Heating Pad: 13:54-14:43

Be sure to check out Abby Marsh’s blog, In The Waiting, and her YouTube channel!