Program Testimonials

I  really learned a lot from the Health Partners class. I eat healthy and work out as often as I can. I don’t take a pill anymore that made me hungry all the time, so I don’t get hungry that much anymore. Thanks for all you guys did for us. I’ve lost 26 pounds in the months since the program.  I feel really good and I’m not tired all the time anymore. – Claire: Pilot group self-advocate

Tage recently had an appointment with his cardiologist and the echocardiogram showed that the walls of his heart are back to the normal thickness range!  I am convinced it is because he is being healthier in his eating habits! Thanks for helping him realize the importance of eating right and helping me help him! – Kathy: Lexington Coldstream group – mother of Tage

My son, Morgan and I have enjoyed the Health Partners class. It has made Morgan more aware of the things that he eats. We have also made better efforts at getting to the gym (when we can fit it in). Not only has this class helped us eat better because Megan and Lindsay provide great resources and support, but we have also made great friends in Megan and Lindsay. This class has been awesome and we are so glad we participated. It has opened doors for Morgan and we are forever grateful. – Margaret: Pilot group mother of co-facilitator Morgan

Health Partners helped my sister to better understand making “healthy choices” and being aware of health whereas before, I don’t know that she really understood it. We have both become more aware of trying to be more active, and eat healthier. Eating the “rainbow” is something we try to do each day. The Staff at HDI help to keep the classes fun and interesting and provide lots of good information not only on physical health, but also mental well-being.  They remind us to take a few minutes for ourselves each day to do something we like to do. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle is a goal we have set – and though we struggle at times to do that – the staff at HDI always have a positive and helpful message to get us back on track and stay motivated.  They have opened my eyes and we really do incorporate their teachings each day! At least I think about things a bit more before reaching for a “senseless” snack when I’m not really hungry, and we actually eat more fruits and veggies than we used to. I really could go on and on… – Diane: Pilot group Sister of Amy

My brother David and I joined the Health Partners program offered in Louisville, KY in May-June 2016.  David has some mental illness and intellectual disabilities.  As his sister, I’m concerned about him.  Even though the drive was about 45 minutes to get there, when the program began we were always glad we came.  Megan is very upbeat, positive, kind and knowledgeable.  She makes the class fun while you are learning, without pressure to participate if you don’t want to.  Megan took the time to always speak to my brother and try to include him in discussions, but did not make him feel bad if he didn’t have much to say.  Megan’s assistants were also very helpful and positive role models.  This class offers a lot of great information, given in a relaxed, fun environment.  Thank you, Health Partners!!” LuAnn: Louisville DSL group Sister of David

I have really enjoyed participating! [Program facilitators] have done an outstanding job and have exceeded my expectations. You do a great job keeping us involved (and for those with short attention spans, interested!) and make the sessions both fun and beneficial. I surely hope that you feel as happy as Andrew and I when we leave. Thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate you! Anthony: Louisville DSL group Brother of Andrew

Everything was useful. I learned how to maintain a good balance life and the importance of friendships as well as having a good support system behind you. I learned new ways to work my body and more about how to put together everyday living and a healthy lifestyle. I liked having input from somebody else (my partner) and listening to someone else’s ideas (the group) on how to expand my own. – Heather: EKU group Mother of Rebecca

Megan is friendly, energetic, and a good example of a healthy person. She is slow speaking, very patient, and explains things well. – Rebecca: Louisville DSL group Sister of Pat

This project is funded by the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities