Subawardee Information

2018-2019 Subawardees

Kentucky – Indiana Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America, Inc.

Statewide Introduction to Adaptive Sports Clinics

KIPVA will host 3-5 statewide clinics, both single and multiday to provide individuals with spinal cord injuries and disease, as well as their families and other individuals that require the use of a wheelchair for athletics. A primary goal of this program is to allow every Kentucky Veteran with a qualifying injury to participated in the 2019 National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Louisville, Kentucky and to encourage all participants to adopt adapted sports and recreation into their regular routine.

LFUCG – Division of Parks and Recreation

Adaptive Adventures

LFUCG Parks and Recreation Therapeutic Recreation, Adventure Programming and Easter Seals Cardinal Hill participants with paralysis embrace opportunities for fishing, kayaking and canoeing at Jacobson Lake. Adventure Programming and Easter Seals Cardinal Hill offer these activities to veterans and individuals with spinal cord injury as they adapt to living with a disability. Adaptive watercraft is available on a limited basis and the dock needs upgrades in order to serve more persons with paralysis. The partners respectfully request funds to purchase four outfitted kayak’s, transfer bench, kayak chariot, three cushions for positioning, six hand paddle and wrist adaptations, two paddle pivots and funding to send two people to the ACA Adaptive Paddling Summit., friends, staff and the public.

Fayette County Public Schools

The Inclusive Recreation Program

The goal is to allow students with mobility issues (paralysis in particular) to participate in physical activities with their support network under the guidance of experienced adaptive recreation sponsors to provide physical, emotional and social wellness to students. This program is an introduction to adaptive recreation for students middle and high school aged and an invitation to develop life long healthy habits and create pathways to additional recreation and potential competitive opportunities throughout the community. The equipment that will facilitate the program will be stored and utilized on site at the Academies of Bryan Station but will be made available to all students in the Fayette County Public Schools district.

Bluegrass Tennis Association

Bluegrass Wheelchair Tennis Program

The Wheelchair Tennis program will be a partnership between the Bluegrass Tennis Association, the Bluegrass Racquet Club with support from Easter Seals Cardinal Hill. This project is designed to provide a wheelchair tennis programming pathway to attract new players and give players opportunities to be frequent players. This pathway is designed to cycle 4 times a year with an 8 week clinic followed by a one day fun tournament. This grant would cover 3 cycles beginning in November 2018 and completed by June 30, 2019.

Spina Bifida Association of KY

Spina Bifida Family Camp

SB Family camp creates a time where children with Spina Bifida and their families can spend a weekend without worry of being left out or treated differently because of their disability. At camp, there are no limitations and children can engage in activities they have never thought were possible. Camp offers fishing, horseback riding, archery, basketball, swimming and MUCH MORE! This camp is fully inclusive so the entire family has the opportunity to create memories and enjoy the full camp experience

Community Foundation of Louisville Inc.

Gathering Strength Fund

The project will assist low-income people living with paralysis to participate in the therapeutic exercise opportunities at Frazier Rehab’s Community Fitness and Wellness (CFW) program in Louisville, which has been in operation for 10 years. The CFW, unique in our region, is an innovative program that operates much like a fitness gym, but provides accessible exercise opportunities to people with disabling conditions, including a wide range of wheelchair-accessible cardiovascular and strength-training equipment, and innovative therapeutic techniques such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), and a body-weight support system over a treadmill that facilitates weight-bearing and stepping therapy. This project would provide financial assistance, on a sliding scale based on income, to help low-income people with paralysis afford the CFW fees.

Easter Seals

Adaptive Water Sports Program

Easter Seals Cardinal Hill is requesting a sub award from Wellness Edge in the amount of $24,696. With this grant we will facilitate an Adaptive Water Sports Program kickoff event in the southern Kentucky region. It will be based at Pulaski County Park and will feature adaptive water sport recreation activities. We will have inclusive options for our adventure seekers such as sit water skiing as well as leisure activities such as adaptive kayaking. The goal of this program is to provide opportunities in Southern Kentucky for people with paralysis and other disabilities to experience adaptive water activities with their families and support networks. We will host a kickoff event in the spring to introduce the community to our program. After this event, we will offer summer long access via appointment to utilize the adaptive equipment purchased through the grant, making it a sustainable program.

City of Bowling Green – Bowling Green Parks and Recreation

Adaptive Sports for South Central KY

Our project is the continuation and expansion of a kick start adaptive sports program in south central Kentucky. The program is about a year old, and still in the recruitment and growth stage. While we have seen growth in number of able-bodied participants, we are still working to extend our reach to participants with paralysis and other physical disabilities. Through the Wellness Edge grant program, we plan to continue offering our consistent adaptive sport programs, while also hosting clinics and a recognized tournament to help spread awareness of our program in this area. We believe this will allow us to recruit and create more access to recreation and sport for those with paralysis.