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Year 1

We propose one interactive workshop held in Louisville, Kentucky for people with spinal cord injuries and stroke in which they will learn the latest, specific guidelines about how physical activity can improve their health; they will be able to engage in such exercise at the event; and they will learn about how they can continue to engage in such exercise in the future in the community by having the opportunity to receive information from organizations that provide physical activities, such as the Community Fitness and Wellness program, the Berrytown Recreational Center—Adaptive and Inclusive Recreation program, the adaptive rowing program, wheelchair basketball, etc. Likewise, these community organizations will learn about the latest evidence-based guidelines on physical activity so that they may implement that knowledge in their programs.

Year 2

This event will include adapted gentle, chair yoga classes and interactive exercise demonstrations for participants who are survivors of stroke and spinal cord injuries. Community organizations that provide physical activities for people with disabling conditions will have information tables at the event.  More info and registration at