Lesson 27: Negotiation and Compromise

For this lesson, I made a copy of the vignette situations and cut them into strips so that as the participants broke into small groups they could pull the situations out of bag to talk about. This just seemed a simple way to make the activity more exciting. The discussions that followed the vignettes were really interesting. Then for the physical fitness portion to follow the lesson I gave the option for two different aerobic videos to let the group decide upon by using negotiation skills to decide on a compromise.   For my group the votes were even so we had each side of the group negotiate their terms until we decided that the best compromise would be to do 10 minutes of each video versus 20 minutes of just one video.  We followed the aerobic videos with the same situation by providing two choices of chair yoga videos. This time our participants had majority vote for one of the videos.   The videos we used can be accessed at our video resource page that you can access here.

Gentle Chair Yoga

Aerobic videos:

Richard Simmons Disco Sweat

Denise Austin Funk Dance Aerobic