Lesson 21: Nutrients We Need

This lesson covered quite a bit of in depth material and prompted quite a bit of discussion. The participants did really well with it on the day of but struggled with recall at later lessons when we referenced the material. We used the following video to help cover the nutrients:

Six Major Nutrients

For the protein example, we did use grilled chicken breast pieces instead of tuna. We also used the example of super heroes and villains when it came to the good versus bad fats.   This was a nice visual to help demonstrate the differences between the cholesterol causing trans and saturated fats versus the good for you cholesterol from unsaturated fats that works at de-clogging the bad cholesterol build up.   In hindsight I do wish we had an avocado to taste because we did end up talking quite a bit about how avocados are a great food item example of good fat and they continued to list it as a healthy food the rest of the program.