Lesson 14: Am I Drinking Enough Water?

During the discussions guided by the textbook, participants also asked questions about quality of tap water when there is a storm and what it meant for a bottle to be BPA free.   We talked about how sometimes a lot of rain from a storm or if there is construction in the ground near the water pipes that it may decrease the quality of tap water. We even talked about how when a water main breaks or an emergency happens that makes the tap water unsafe to drink that the government will tell people to boil the tap water to make it safe for humans.   BPA is a chemical that is commonly used in making plastics. Recently research has shown that BPA is harmful to humans and there has been a big push to make BPA free plastics for items such as water bottles. So it is always good to check the label of your sports water bottle to look for a BPA free label. Lastly we went around the room saying how much water we drank a day and made a new goal to drink more water. Several participants didn’t even drink one bottle a day so they started with the goal of one bottle per day while other participants were unsure how much water they drank so we gave them ideas and tools to keep track so we could add it to their goals next time we met. To aid with the discussion of water importance we viewed the videos below.

“How Much Water Do We Really Need to Drink?” Video

“What the Color of Your Urine Means” Infographic

“The Benefits of Drinking Water” Video