Women’s Health & Disability in Kentucky Assessment

The Human Development Institute‘s Kentucky Inclusive Health Collaborative at the University of Kentucky with support from Dr. Jennifer Piatt at Indiana University developed a community needs assessment for women with disabilities. This assessment asks about general health experiences as well as barriers to breast and cervical cancer screening. The data will help health professionals reduce barriers and promote equal access for all women in women’s health programs and cancer screening services.

The Universally Designed assessment includes plain language, supplemental images, and definitions of medical terms. The Kentucky Inclusive Health Collaborative team is also available to assist women if they have questions or need additional support to complete the assessment.  

To participate, please click the purple button below, email wellness4ky@uky.edu or call 850-218-0256.

We are offering the first 300 women who complete the assessment a $25 gift card to either Kroger, Walmart, or Dollar Tree. If none of these stores are available in your area, please contact us.


If you have questions or need support to complete the assessment, please email wellness4ky@uky.edu or call 850-218-0256.

For complaints, suggestions, or questions about my rights as a research volunteer, contact the University of Kentucky Office of Research Integrity at (859) 257-9428 or toll-free at (866) 400-9428, or the Indiana University Human Subject Office at (812) 855-0516

This effort is in partnership with the Kentucky Women’s Cancer Screening Program.