Weekly Wellness Log

A weekly wellness log is an example of a simple way to track your progress towards activity and nutrition goals.

This particular log was developed to include both exercise and nutrition and allows for you to list the time of day you intend to complete those goals.

Here are some more links to examples of wellness logs that you can use for your goal tracking. Or you can create your own!


5 top fitness and weight loss planners from The Holy Mess blog:  CLICK HERE

Healthy habits printables from Scatterbrained Squirrel blog: CLICK HERE


Also keep in mind that there are lots of downloadable apps and devices that can track your wellness progress.  These can be synced and accessed by a phone or computer if you are more digitally inclined versus pen and paper.  Here are some links with information on several of those popular options but keep in mind that there are LOTs of different kinds out there so find what is best for you and what you are looking for!



Garmin Activity Tracking

wrist fitness tracker with digital smiley face on the screen