Adaptive Resources

CHEER Adaptive Exercise Videos

Project CHEER is an exciting effort focusing on accessibility of health promotion activities for individuals with varying levels of abilities with the intent of improving health and quality of life for a population that is often excluded from health programming and typically experiences worse health outcomes and greater health disparities.

CHEER Adaptive Exercise Introduction Video

Tricep Raises

Shoulder Shrugs

Lateral Raise

Heel Raises

Hand Flashes

Butt Kicks

Bicep Curls

Air Punches

Push Ups

Oblique Side Bends

Leg Lifts, Wall Sits, and Planks

Arm Circles

Shoulder Press

Forearm Curls

Knee Raises

Russian Twist

Adaptive Gym Equipment

Adaptive Gym Equipment – Crank Cycle

Additional Resources

The link below takes you to another series of adaptive exercise videos produced by the Health and Wellness Initiative at HDI in 2016. These videos show volunteers with a wide range of disabilities demonstrating how they adapt and perform different exercises. The exercises in these videos were scripted and decided upon the self-advocates and actors of the video. Check out how you can make any exercise work for any type of ability!

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO: Health and Wellness Initiative Adaptive Exercises Videos

Below are links to some additional exercise videos and resources

7 Strength Exercises for Wheelchair Users | Mindful Chair Yoga

Gentle Chair Yoga

Resistance Band Chair Exercises

Low Impact Total Body Chair Workout

Seated Cardio and Strength Workout

Seated Abs Workout

Strengthening Exercises

Personalized Nutrition and Workout Plan

This is a free online program provided by the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) for individuals with mobility limitations. The program is personalized based on the individual’s physical activity and nutrition needs.

Guide to Accessible Fitness

This guide provided by the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) contains useful tips and information on accessible exercise equipment.