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Resource Activity Ideas

deck of cards laid out in a circle

Playing Cards & Stronger Hearts

Print out the heart, spade, diamond and club symbols and assign each symbol an aerobic activity. For example, heart= jumping ...
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deal or no deal graphic

Deal or No Deal

Create a list of exercises or skills you want to practice with your group.  Write them on index cards.  For ...
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Screenshot of Jeopardy Gameboard

Health & Wellness Jeopardy Game

This health & wellness jeopardy game has done all the hard work for you!  Included in the automatic powerpoint presentation ...
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picture of resistance band

Resistance band workout for two

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the largest sports medicine and exercise science organization in the world, recommends that ...
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Women talking about produce at a grocery store

Grocery Store Tour

This field trip and activity can be accomplished by simply calling a local grocery store and asking to speak to their ...
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picture of a stop watch showing green for 20 seconds of activity and a stop watch showing red for 10 seconds of rest

Interval Training

Purpose: Interval training is a type of physical training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts broken ...
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graphic for an exercise routine around a gym

Obstacle Course

Setting up an obstacle course is a fantastic way to incorporate exercises in a fun and competitive format that engages ...
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Participants Playing FABS Dice Game

F-A-B-S Dice

A video demonstration and explanation of this game can be found here. Resources: Two dice One with the standard numbers ...
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bowl of brown soup

EGGcelent Oral Hygiene

Purpose: To show participants the impact that certain drinks can have on their teeth and the emphasize the importance of ...
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Our food choices graphic with traffic lights

Go, Slow, Whoa!

“U R What U Eat” handout  to go with the "Go, Slow, Whoa!" activity can be found at this link ...
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comparing the bowl of fruit to the bowl of condiments

Friendship Salad

Purpose: For individuals to identify the importance of social relationships and discuss “key ingredients” in being a good friend to ...
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picture of two apples

Bullying: Bruised and Beautiful Apples

Purpose: To demonstrate that the things we do and say matter to others, and when we are mean to others ...
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pepper separating in a bowl

The “Soapy” Truth

Purpose: To provide individuals with a visual example of the importance of using soap when washing hands. Materials needed: A ...
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Wellness Question Soccer Ball

Wellness Question Soccer Ball

Purpose: This game is a great filler for down time or anytime that you want to incorporate reinforcement of lessons ...
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aerial Image of a baseball field

Wellness Baseball Game

Purpose: This game incorporates the fun interactive play of baseball with the physical activity of traveling the bases while also ...
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glitter cupped in someone's hand

Glitter Germ Hands

Purpose: To provide individuals with a visual example of how germs are spread and the importance of washing with soap ...
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Man Making Homemade Weights

Homemade Hand Weights

Purpose: Strength training is an important component to any health and fitness routine.  You don't need fancy gym memberships or ...
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drawings of healthy harry and unhealthy Eugene

Healthy Harry vs. Unhealthy Eugene

Purpose: To assist individuals in identifying habits that lead to healthy vs unhealthy lifestyles Materials needed: Flip chart or large ...
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Participants Playing Balloon Lava Game

Balloon Lava Game

The floor is lava and we can't let the balloon touch it so we have to work together to keep ...
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Ribbon Dance group photo

Ribbon Dancing Activity

Ribbon dancers are a fantastic way to have fun while incorporating some aerobic movement that is good for your heart, ...
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Screenshot of the Recreation Resource Guide Cover

Recreation Resource Guide

Recreation refreshes, revitalizes and improves a person’s quality of life.  It is also many different things to different people.  Check ...
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