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Apr 19
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New HealthMatters, Kentucky Videos


The HealthMatters, Kentucky Scale Up is a health promotion initiative aimed at improving health and health promotion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Kentucky was the first state to partner with the national HealthMatters team to implement a state wide roll out of this health promotion programming. Our health & wellness initiative provides community supports and resources to community organizations and individuals working to make healthy lifestyle changes. These videos highlight administrative and personal experience with the programming. Check ’em out!

Stephen Love didn’t want to be a part of the HealthMatters program at Tri-Generations in Somerset, Kentucky. He relished his junk food and didn’t mind that he was overweight. But then something happened, he saw the participants in the program and the positive outcomes they were experiencing and the fun they were having. He then went to the doctor and got a real wakeup call about the negative impact of his unhealthy lifestyle. It was then that he made the conscious decision to make a healthy change and requested to be a part of the HealthMatters program. Because Stephen had asked specifically for a new group to be started, Tri-Generations created a second group of HealthMatters programming which cultivated what has now become a healthy culture within the organization, with widespread positive and healthy benefits being experienced by all clients and staff. This video not only includes Stephen discussing his experience and even reading a powerful poem he authored about his journey to get healthy and lose weight, but highlights the administrative perspective on the healthy transition by Tri-Generations through participation in the HealthMatters program from HDI’s health & wellness initiative.

The above video highlights the administrative perspective of a case management agency implementing the HealthMatters curriculum and working to create a culture of wellness for their clients.