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Updates from MyPyramid to ChooseMyPlate



There are tons of fantastic nutrition resources at the ChooseMyPlate website. Here we have updated the HealthMatters participant handout information for ChooseMyPlate. These handouts are for use in Lessons 6 and 15.

Updated Lesson 15 Handout: Putting Foods I Like to Eat in MyPlate

Updated Lesson 6 Handouts: Good Nutrition Handout, U R What U Eat

  • For additional Lesson 6 handouts we also included some of the 10 tip pages from the MyPlate website. You can view all kinds of tip sheets at this link here and select your own tip sheets to use or even make up new lessons surrounding these tips and ideas for healthy eating.

Updated Lesson 6 Plan Adaptation: Week 6: Lesson Plan Adaptation


For actual portion control and food group plates you can purchase, check out the following two links:

MyPlate Plate
‘MyPlate’ Plate
Food group plate
Food group plate
(this plate also comes in a Spanish option)