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HealthMatters Kentucky Program Highlights

The highlights page is under renovation. 

Our updated Highlights page will be coming soon!

A short video highlighting and documenting the University of Kentucky HealthMatters group’s success can be found here.

Each program is encouraged to make a video as a part of their HealthMatters curriculum.  View program videos  here.


Additional Resources:

Weekly Newsletters

Participant Directed Videos

Motivation Techniques

Certificate of Achievement

Watch Dreams With Wings video above!

The statewide scale up of the HealthMatters Kentucky Initiative started with 10 community based organizations spread across the state.  Below are some pictures highlighting some of the fantastic accomplishments and positive success stories and even activity ideas experienced from these agencies.   More updates and information from these programs to come!

Fresh Veggies from Tri-Generations in Somerset!

Tri-Gen Somerset update

Biggest Loser Contest Winners

More Good Things From

Client Led Wellness

Volunteers Of America

March Madness Ribbon Dancers

Creating a Healthy Culture

Water Wednesdays