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Jan 25
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From Resolution to Lifestyle Change

The confetti has settled and 2017 is officially in full swing. Many of us begin each new year with great intentions of keeping resolutions aimed at creating better lives for ourselves through healthy habits. Due to busy schedules, balancing commitments, and a myriad of other reasons it should come as no surprise that many people fall short of their goals. If you and your family are striving to eat better and improve your nutrition this year, you can be successful with a little determination and the help of MyPlate, MyWins. You can do it!

MyPlate, MyWins is a resource from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which focuses on providing individuals with practical solutions for healthy eating. Because we are all different, it allows you to choose which tools best fit with your lifestyle. Simple strategies are used such as meal planning, goal setting, and celebrating small victories. This video featuring real families who have taken the leap to become healthier can provide some inspiration. It’s never too late to start working towards better nutrition. Take a moment to check it out, and you may find that your resolution turns into small lifestyle changes that have a big impact on your health!