Adaptive Exercise Equipment


Forearm Trainer:  This is a great tool for individuals with limited mobility who may not be able to use traditional methods for strengthening their forearms!



Burn Machine Speed Bag:  This unique piece of equipment can be used as an alternative to traditional methods for cardio!  Hit the speed bag to increase endurance and strength in your upper body!


Vive Pedal Exerciser:  A bike that you can use for your arms and your legs!  This is a great piece of equipment for toning muscles, increasing circulation, improving stamina, and relieving tension.  Converts between a foot and arm pedal!


Helonge Finger Stretcher Exerciser:  Improve your hand grip power and make your fingers more flexible! who may not be able to use traditional methods for strengthening their forearms!



Jawzercise – Facial Muscle Strengthener:  This piece of equipment can be used by individuals who may have jaw and/or mouth strength issues.  Frequent use of this equipment can help decrease difficulty with chewing!


Weighted Ropeless Jump Rope:  You never have to worry about about your ability to jump the rope with this ropeless jump rope!  It can be used sitting or standing, and the added weight gives you the sensation of using a standard jump rope.


Resistance Loops:  These loops bands can be easier to hold onto for individuals with decreased hand dexterity and range of motion due to being able to just utilize the loop that is already formed in the band for grip!



CanDo Board-On-Stone Balance Ball:  For those who do not wish to use a traditional balancing ball, this piece of equipment is great for those wishing to work on balance and core strength.