Adaptive Cooking Equipment

Palm Peeler:  An adaptive and safer way to peel in the kitchen!  This kitchen tool can be used on both fruits and vegetables.  The built-in ring is designed to fit right around your finger to allow for a good grip while peeling!


Chop and Grate:  This hand-held kitchen tool can be used to chop an assortment of different foods!



Carving and Cutting Board:  You will never need to worry about your board slipping and sliding during meal preparation when you make the switch to this Oxo Cutting Board!



Plastic Lettuce Knife:  A serrated-edge knife that is durable AND safe!  Not just for your lettuce, but for any other non-stick items that need cut in your kitchen.



Bag Opener:  This makes opening bags a breeze with its integrated, easy-slide technology!  Easy to clean and can stick right on your refrigerator.